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Curious! How art thou? 

Feeling sunny!
I'm Fiona,

an instructor based in
Copenhagen, and I teach
art classes
to ages 4-12.

What happens in an art class? 

We learn art history and immerse in all kinds of creative disciplines: sculpture, film, poetry, painting, clay, drawing, music, design, fiction, dance, and more.

Content is guided by student curiosity, and class is a space for creative exploration and community building.


Email me for pricing! I will send a list of art supplies and a Zoom link before class.
If you're in Copenhagen, lessons are in my studio in Valby or I can travel to your home. 

What do parents say? 

Email and we will find a time that works!

What are the details? 


What do students say? 


“Every class is filled with fun and artistic learning! Fiona makes me feel really inspired and allows so much creative freedom, I never want class to end.” - Maya (age 10)


“Fiona has brought so much joy and creative energy into our home. Both of my girls have the most wonderful time in each class and count the days until the next one! I love hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles throughout the process and each project is so special.”

- Jamie, mum to Ellie, age 8 + Maya, age 10

"Fiona is a treasure.  She is the teacher you dream for your child. She is enthusiastic, encouraging, kind, and completely magical.  And she has created a comprehensive, thoughtful, and engaging curriculum that reflects her extensive knowledge of art -  both techniques and history - as well as her extraordinary ability to connect with children. " -Amity, mum to Calder, age 7 + Sassy, age 10

"Fiona's classes are outstanding and by far the best virtual activity my daughter has enjoyed. The kids learn wonderful new concepts in art, create things I would not have imagined, and have a lot of sometimes silly fun as well. At one point, they created an entire film from story to costumes and scenery. I highly recommend Fiona as an art instructor." 

- Jess, mum to Katherine, age 8


“We learn about and try all different kinds of art. You can really express yourself and I always feel so happy in this class. It’s a highlight of my week.” - Ellie (age 8)

"In art class I learn new things. I feel like my mind has exploded with art. I was just walking with my family to the pond and art was everywhere, the leaves and the trees above rustling. I thought about art class and how we always make art out of everything. We picked apples and I admired how all the apples were not alike and again I thought of our class and my imagination exploded." - Edith (age 8)  


How do I sign my child up
for art classes? 


Yellow! How are you?

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