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Clients say... 

"If you're looking for an experience designer and branding specialist that takes a human-centered approach to everything they do, look no further. During my initial session, Fiona could almost pitch my company better than I could.


Fiona can take complex, disparate ideas and boil them down to simple, compelling sentences that will leave your prospects wanting to engage with you instantly."

—  Ashley Artrip, CMO, Mission Collaborative

"Fiona cares as much about my company’s success as we do. She designed and reiterated our customer experience until it connected with customers—and investors. Without her we wouldn't have the investors that we do now. Have Fiona in your corner. You’ll see the return on investment again and again."

—  Kevin Celisca, CFO & Co-founder, Integrate

"Working with Fiona helped us take our events from nice-to-haves to real transformative experiences. Whether it's an online or in-person experience that you are designing, you want Fiona on your side to help you take it to the next level."

—  Alberto Arenaza, Forbes 30 under 30 and Co-founder, Transcend Network


"It wasn't easy launching a book during the pandemic. But luckily Fiona designed my virtual book launch and made it a great success. She had such creativity like making a bar with cocktails named after my poems, and a bookshop where attendees could purchase my books. It looked so professional and fun. The format was new to many but they adjusted easily with the help of our host: Fiona. She was professional, enthusiastic, and entertaining. I'm fortunate to have benefitted from her design talent and communication skills."

—  Michael Montlack, Poet and Creative Writing Professor


"In just one session, Fiona was able to make us resolve issues we have been wondering about for months. She was really helpful in allowing us to streamline our purpose and values into the way we communicate the experience of our company/brand to our customers."

—  Santiago Yelmini, CEO, Edutive

"Fiona’s workshop was fun, creative, thought provoking and methodological. She really helped us communicate as a team to be able to distill the the essence of our brand!"

—  Ninon Godefroy, Co-founder of La Tofuterie and City Director, Minerva University


Let's work together on your experience/storytelling! Say hello and we will say hello.  

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